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This is a podcast about the future of the automobile and automotive industry in Canada. The context for the name of the podcast relates to the myriad of factors currently impacting the automotive industry and ultimately the role of the automobile in our society. From climate change and the emission reduction imperative to better ways of moving people and goods around, the industry is rapidly evolving with a future that is not entirely clear. Part educational, part advocacy “From Here to Where” will interview those in the industry and outside of the industry that can provide insight on the many changes impacting the industry.

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From Here to Where?

David Adams is the President and CEO of Global Automakers of Canada, the national trade association representing fifteen European, Korean and Japanese automobile manufacturers in the Canadian market. Having served in his role for more than 15 years, David has experienced first-hand the disruption that has occurred, is occurring, and will continue to occur in the automotive industry — not only in the vehicle itself , but also in the broader public policy context as issues of climate change, digitization, global trade and supply chains, the “internet of things” and vehicle automation, create both great challenges and great opportunities for automakers and their ICT partners.


This episode is focused on the brave new world of automotive cybersecurity. As automobiles become more connected, automated, shared and electrified a myriad of different cybersecurity vectors are opened up. In this episode author and cybersecurity expert AJ Khan joins to unpack the issue of automotive cybersecurity.
AJ is the president of Global Syndicate for Mobility Cybersecurity (GSMC), a not-for-profit focused on enhancing security in all forms of Mobility as well as being the founder & CEO of Vehiqilla Inc., an automotive cybersecurity startup. He is also the ex-Chair of the APMA Cyber Security Committee and is a contributor on Mobility Cybersecurity for Transport Canada, European Union Information Security Agency (ENISA), CSA Group and Automotive Parts Manufacturing Association.
AJ has over 20 years of experience in Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), and 13 years of experience in Cybersecurity Innovation and Emerging Technologies. AJ is also the author of “Automotive Cyber Governance” a book on automotive cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance in an automotive organization.

Episode 10 - Mobility Cybersecurity - Keeping the Automotive Ecosystem Safe and Secure

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